Official transcripts
Wednesday, July 7, 2010

today's journey have wasted one hour of my life, seriously! 'tribute' to ssc! *i suppose ys agree with me uh*  Giving us instructions that are not meant to be instructions, but more and more queries. Pissed TTM. Was directed by various animals to lvl 7, which is more like the quality service of to humans. Thanks mdm *i forgot yr name, sry* purchased our original cert at $10, and wasted 10cents do the certified transcript._.

We then proceed over to MOE, which provide us with the fastest and best quality service. Not only serviced promptly, the instructions given were detailed and clear! Thanks to the guy who served us. I guess my $12 sent is worthwhile! why uh, young ppl, esp young guy like to work under moE uh? We got everything done in MOE in less than 30mins, how nice right! (;

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i've been down with insomnia this few days.
Could it be missing you too much?
Could it be waking up too late?
What to do, i'm feeling damn awake now :(

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

im back with all smiles again! (:


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Friday, June 25, 2010

i'm listening.
I'm thinking.
I'm learning.
I'm adapting.
I'm crying.
I'm blaming oneself.
I'm not self reflective.
I'm a Pa-Bo!!!


♥ posted on 2:27 AM

im sorry
Saturday, June 5, 2010

it's my fault for neglecting the fact that the stupid pipe is for our own good.
and it's my fault for banging that freaking door.
but, you pissed me off early in the morning just to ask about the telephone line thing!
plssss lar~ just becos of the credit card payment.

i banged the door because I was annoyed by the noise they made!
I didn't know she was uncle howe's wife!
If not, i wouldn't have done so pls!
I'm not trying to pull you down or whatever shit!
It's not like I'm making you mei you mian zi~
It's just that pls, it's in the morning leh!
I'm sorry that I have done so!
Sorry to embarrass you!!!!!!~

But, it wasn't my fault for not knowing how to do it what!
It wasn't entirely my fault!!!
Pls spare a thought for me lar!

despite running away for a few hours!
I still got it.
Hearing what you said, mixed feelings start to generate!
The pissed, angry to the sad and disappointed make me feeeel worse!

the word DISAPPOINTED, make me ponder and wonder!
pls be back soon!


♥ posted on 10:06 PM

the girl next door


Y A N L I N G is my name.
28.11.90 is my day.
Ngee Ann Poly, ECH
im in love with roy

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